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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ten people I didn't know, part II

Ed Dixon, is music professor and directs orchestra at Whitman College.

Clay Wick is retired from work as a Nuclear Engineer.

Wilma Cheney has learned a lot about airplanes because of her husbands passion for them. Wilma is passionate about her church work and helping families with adoption.

Dave Cheney is the Fourth owner of this Howard airplane that came off of the construction line December 5, 1941. Dave has been passionate about airplanes since he was nineteen and was a pilot for the navy and for American Airlines. He now owns and operates the martin field airstrip.

Ten Portraits of people I didn't know

Tom and Susan Hess are soloists in the Walla Walla Symphony program "LoveĀ²." Tom and Susan both teach at the University of Idaho. Tom teaches Engineering and Susan teaches Bassoon.

Sharon Thompson has been playing with the Walla Walla Symphony for a long time. One of her friends in the symphony has taken to calling her Mrs. Walla Walla Symphony.

Yaki Bergman is the thirteenth music director for the Walla Walla Symphony. He also directs in Portland.

Pansy Johnson makes sure that her husband, Melvin, looks good. "This bike is more appropriate for people our age," said Melvin. "Yea, We're slow," quipped Pansy with a twinkle in her eye.

Melvin Johnson displays the "tricycle built for two" that he designed and built in 1985. "You can travel the world around and never find this kind of stearing," said Melvin. It took a year to make this tricycle, Melvin spent all of his spare time working on it. He built it for his grandchildren. Melvin and his granddaughter rode the bike in a parade a few years back.
"The most unique thing about the tricycle is the forkless stearing," said Melvin. He thought up the idea and found the main part in a scrap yard saving him a lot of money.
"He would lie awake at night thinking about the construction," said Pansy.
Melvin was a music teacher at Walla Walla University, and at Union University. He has been tuning the pianos at Walla Walla University for 36 years.
Melvin is currently building a longer version of this.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sports photo

Wednesday, January 28. Heber Campechano throws the ball back in bounds to keep the ball for his team. Campechano said "Our team came together (to win) because everyone knew their role when they were needed." Campechano's team the World Police beat the Thunder Tripods 52 to 49 coming back from a 5 point deficit. "It was a pretty intense game," said Campechano.

Player 2 goes for the layup having run full court with the ball.

Heber sneaks up on Parker to steal the ball.

Heber walks away happily after the game.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not for class.

I shot this as part of our assignment to take photos at the Malawi Swim meet as part of ASWWU's fundraising for a hospital in Malawi.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sarah's Week of Worship talk

Wednesday, Jan. 14. Sarah Radelfinger speaks about losing the ability to pursue her dream of singing and realizing God's purpose for her life at the Walla Walla University Week of Worship.