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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


so i got something. something like chicken pox is what the lady at the clinic told dag, who then translated to me. the lady probably thinks i'm a miracle, as last week i visited her and after one look in my throat, and some facial expressions i didn't know were possible, she declared that i had the plague. she then said something to the extent of "there's something growing in the back of your throat", which was kindly translated as "there are trees in your throat." she probably thinks i'm just back from the grave this week. anyway, i didn't get pictures of the strep throat, consider yourselves lucky. i did, however get pictures of my "chicken pox", which i'm pretty sure is actually just a reaction to the antibiotics i was on last week for strep. here's my hand. :) so i've been itching away for the last few days in my room, but fortunately i've been able to be working on a website while in my room. is a site for Dr. Alden Thompson at walla walla college. (which, i hear, will soon be walla walla university... WWU!) dag, the guys' dean, has been nice enough to let mindy come up and visit me. since she's already had the chicken pox, she was allowed at first, and now we figure since it's a reaction it's not contagious. luckily she's still allowed to come up and bring me meals and such. i'm not going to lie, it's pretty kush for being sick. last night my roommates even found a killer of a deal (FREE!) on a couch for our room. granted, the orange doesn't match our killer of a deal rug, but hey. for a killer of a deal, who can complain? anyway, hope all's going well for everyone who might chance upon this blog. feel free to email either of us for a mailing address, or a phone number, or just to say hello! - kevin, and - mindy.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kevin,i hope you're feeling better! that looks horrible!!!


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