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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Traveling with the parents

december 16 kevin and i met my parents in milano(milan). it was wonderful to see them, since i missed them so much at thanksgiving. but this vacation they came to me an left my wonderful brother in sunny california.
We spent that whole first day just wandering around Milan. Orienting them to the italian ways.
We spent the next three days in Florence where they got to see the David, visit the Ufizzi Gallery, and walk on the sometimes romantic Ponte Vecchio(old bridge).

the first picture is of Kevin and me on top of the Duomo in Milano. it is the only duomo in italy that is at all gothic and they went all out when it came to the spires.

this is of kevin and i in Rome. we are walking down the stair at the Vatican Museum.

This pic is from our lovely Firenze. This place is just below Piazzale Michael Angelo.

This last pic is my parents first look at the ponte vecchio. i just loved everyone's faces.

We traveled lot's and had many adventures. maybe we'll tell you about them sometime. but only if you ask nicely.


At 5:26 PM, Blogger kevin n. coleman said...

brava! mi piaci molto. sono felice che ti ho trovato. sei perfetto per io. ti amo molto. ci vediamo domani mattina quando dobbiamo incontrarci per fare i bucati. ciao!


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