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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


here is kevin. he has blue hair. he is also writing this in 3rd person, because it hasn't yet struck him that the picture he's writing next to is in fact him.
the search around firenze for means of making "capelli celesti" (blue hair) was quite an experience. we were sent on several wild goose chases by strange... excessively strange italian hairdressers. finally we found a shop with blue hair dye, but alas, it was closed. we dawdled around for a day or 2, and returned to pick it up. for a mere 7 euros, plus some more for the bleach, i now have blue hair. The dying process was quite interesting. Actually scary at times... and by scary i mean mortifying. The blue dye was barely used on my hair in this picture, and my hair was much darker than i'd formerly imagined. i had to keep telling myself that it'd wash out. well after 3 washes, some conditioner, and some painful scrubbing, i managed to leave only a slight blue stain on villa aurora's white towel. the part before the mortifying blue dye step was nearly as stressful. seeing my hair go from it's natural blondish color to an unnatural yellow was a bit rough, as we'd planned on adding a tint of celestial blue to a simple white. alas, the blue was laid upon a bed of straw, and the straw hath been covered, as was the custom in the day. allora...
the hope that the yellow would be easily covered was confirmed by the deep blue stages, but it really seemed like it was out of the frying pan and into the fire at that point. thankfully i'm ok with fried kevin. the stage before the bed of straw was quite relaxing. i even got in some meditation time on dag's toilet. it wasn't the most enjoyable place for meditation, but i did get to work on my dag imitation, while mindy ran to get the camera that we'd forgotten. so really, thanks to mindy, i have light blue hair. i've already been called superhero by a couple of people, hopefully i won't be forced to take the role seriously. that statement may hold true more for the distressees than for il capitano dei blu capelli.
we definitely had a fun time making my hair another color. hopefully this will open new doors for me, as... ok ok. so it'll be harder to get a decent job. but hey. i work on the internet, so who needs to see me?
also, for a slightly less illustrated story (at this point in time)... i got a coat for this winter, which mindy and i are beginning to embroider and edit to the desired perfection. there are pictures on the way, but really, who wants to see something in all the steps? why wouldn't you just want to see the end product? whatever kind of weasel would make you see every step of a project really needs to find something better to do with his/her life... like... painting yellow lines down the middle of peoples' one-lane driveways (watch out ma and pa!)
well, until next time... "next time, gadget... next time!


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