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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Lately i've been in a state of nothing. Yes, i'm in europe. Yes, i'm learning another language. But things have become routine. I am bored when my schedule is too empty and i'm frustrated when my schedule becomes more full. I'm taking PE with kevin this quarter. I thought i was going to die. The teacher made us run and run at first and the last time i had run at all was when i was running for senior class president, which obviously didn't prepare me for this. But i survived and we began playing calcio(soccer). First was the choosing of teams. And in true gradeschool fashion i was chosen last, hey it's ok, i'm not really a sporty person and i know it(they just happened to know it too). Kevin was chosen for my team and so i was happy at least that i wouldn't have to kick against him. They placed me on the right side of the court and gave me a few instructions. the essential thing i got was, that i should keep the ball from reaching the net and to generally stay on my side of the court(we play on a basketball court, no idea why, i guess there is less chasing of the ball that way or something). But i as i ran around i found i was able to stick with the guys that ran through my space, and when the ball came my way i was able to control it a little. It looked like this game would be ok, and in the end I really truly enjoyed myself. Everyone was very encouraging and made me feel like i was making a contribution to the team.
Tonight is the second PE class, and we're playing calcio(we'll always be playing calcio).

wish me luck!


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