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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Times they are a Changing

Well, this is the day that all of you in america are changing your clocks. You played a great little joke on those of us at Villa Aurora. (I'm mad a Bush he made me loose sleep). When i looked at my martha stewart or got news from home i assumed we were changing time too. Apparently this year in an attempt to become more enrgy effecient the US changes time three weeks earlier than everyone else. So today i was up at 7 am instead of the usual 8 am for breakfast. bugs. well at least i didn't miss breakfast. and now i know that we don't change time until April 1. Hope you all think of me in two weeks. when i lose my hour of sleep for a second time. (lucky kevin refuses to get up this early on a sunday, so he'll probably gain an hour somehow) i feel bad for poor kevin's parents, they get to go through the time change twice! they get over here the wednesday before we in europe change time and then get to lose an hour that sunday.


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