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Monday, March 12, 2007


i like that title. sue me if you'd like.

we went to rome since you all last heard. it was fun! and there are pictures too!
we found a really cool boutique with clothes that are (evidently) really just for famous people, as we realized that even common shirts were priced at 200 euros +. needless to say we continued acting interested in the clothes, and instead just took ideas away. :) we had a bit more free time than everyone else, as neither of us were dying to see the sistene chapel... again, or any of the vatican museum stuff (it generally just ends up being a lot of time on the feet). so we poked around little boutiques and cultury spots of rome. look here we are at a less cultury, more touristy spot of rome, the forum.

We also got to go see the mamortine prison, where peter and paul were kept. i'd seen that before, but had really wanted to go back, so that was perfect. ask us if you're dying for pictures of that one, it was kinda dark.
we got to see the colosseum, which was fun as well. again, while i'd already seen it, it was really neat to see again. we got to go up to the 2nd layer and see it from higher up. it's always crazy to me to think that they actually used to flood the arena and have naval battles. those romans were good with water.

another fun surprise was that we had victor brown with us for a few days.

and mindy just called me a butt face. i don't know why. she's crazy.

back to the blog (not at all associating victor brown with the afore-mentioned bad name. he's a really cool guy, and we're glad to have had him with us.)
we also put on a church service in pisa, the day after the rome trip. victor came to pisa with us for that, and enjoyed not only the service, but seeing pisa with us. we'd been there before, so we showed him around and took a few pictures with him. see?

these were some adventures. and if you want to see more or read more, email us and ask us! we're lonely collegeons.


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