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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dress of ties

A few years ago I was inspired to begin the quest to make a tie dress, or a dress constructed from old ties. It took many trips to many thrift stores to buy the ties that make up this dress.
It has sat in my sewing pile for the last year and a half, partly due to being in Italy and partly due to the stress it was causing me.
Kevin sat me down this last week and made me finish it. Here are some pics of the final product. I'm so happy it is done and that it turned out well.

Kevin directed me to the site and their 50 best online cookie recipes
the other day and so I have begun my quest to make as many of these cookies as I can. I started today with the Heath Bar Cookies.
They are delicious. If I do say so myself. Here are some pics of the final product. mmm...


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People should read this.


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