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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The lazy life

Cam and Kev chatting on the beach.

A lot has happened since our last post. Kev and I came home to America a few months ago and almost immediately threw ourselves back into the routine of work and school. We both took summer school and did pretty well in our classes. I(Mindy) started work at the Office of Enrollment at Walla Walla College (soon to be University). I work in Guest Relations, my boss is Levi Waggoner, and Michael Lee and Mike Unterseher work in Enrollment also. If you know any of these guys you know that working has been incredibly enjoyable for me. They are all so fun! Kevin was also offered a job at the Office of Enrollment. Now he works downstairs from me and designs things for the college, a fun job and he has some great people to work with too, his boss is Chris Drake.

A week or so ago we left the Walla Walla area and came to California.
First we stopped in Portland and Hung out with our Friends Tim and Stephanie.

Mindy, Kevin, Tim, Stephanie.

Then we were off to drive down highway one. It was supposed to take 14 hours, but with mindy's excited stops it ended up taking 17 hours.

Mindy and Kevin happy to take a break at the beach.

Kevin being bashful on film.

Mindy and Kevin running from the tsunami! We probably should have coordinated to run the same way. one of us is going the wrong way. but who?

The rest are some pics from our time with Cameron(Mindy's brother) and Deb(Mindy's roomie) and our good friend Megan Snider(She is taking hygiene now at Loma Linda, we miss you at Walla Walla Megan!)


Cam and Mindy

Deb and Mindy

Megan and Debbie.


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